Save Time, Do What You Love

I Help Online Service CEOs gain back their Time with Systems 💕

Save Time, Do What You Love

I Help Online Service CEOs gain back their Time with Systems 💕

Live the Life of Your Dreams

You started your business so you can have a choice. A choice of how much money you can make to support your family, dreams, and vision. A choice of how much time you want to spend working and not working. A choice of where you work, whether on a beach or surrounded by your loved ones.

It was supposed to be that simple! Yet somehow your laptop has become your "ball and chain" where you're drowning in emails, sticky note to-do lists, fixing this and that, everything is everywhere yet nowhere at the same time and you can't make heads or tails of it.

You're tired of hustle culture and you want the financial stability, the time freedom, and the lifestyle to match. That means the business runs even when the laptop is off.

You're tired of living to work... it's time that you live

Two Ways I Can Help You Do This...

Succeeding with Systems Academy

Use our collection of Digital Resources to learn how to automate your business easily and on your own time!

Omnipotent Consulting

Our Consulting Agency that helps growth-minded small businesses scale efficiently.

Who is Khadirah Muhammad?

Hey there!

I'm Khadirah S. Muhammad and the S is for "Systems" (but my mother says it's for 'Saiidah')! And if you're still reading after that corny joke then you and I will get along fine ☺️

In 2019, 6 months before I graduated college, I decided to throw away the job applications and dove head first into my, then, digital marketing agency.

Just like you, I wanted the time freedom and the financial freedom that building my own business would give me,

but not just for my own sake, I wanted to create something that could retire my parents (and a job could never do that!)

While building my own company, I fell in love with technology, automation, and systemizing everything and found out I had a knack for doing this for other people.

Now I help service based CEOs like you get back all of their time while scaling their companies to the moon!

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